Quality School Meals That Benefit All

In 2021, California became the first state in the nation to provide free breakfast and lunch to all K–12 students. Now we're building on that historic achievement with vital investments for school food infrastructure, staff training, and more freshly prepared, California-grown school meals.

SMFA Sponsors Embark on Listening Tour

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Increase access to healthy school meals for all students

Strengthen connections between California farmers and schools

Incentivize school purchases from socially disadvantaged and climate-smart farmers

Enable school districts to serve more freshly prepared meals

Support student nutrition during school breaks and closures

California Makes Vital Investments In Free School Meals


California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Legislature have agreed to a 2022-23 budget that makes unparalleled investments in the future of our state’s school food system, totaling more than $2 billion in related programming, including:

  1. $596 million to implement School Meals for All,
  2. $600 million for school kitchen equipment and upgrades to school kitchen infrastructure for more fresh, minimally processed, and locally sourced meals,
  3. $100 million for the California Department of Education, in consultation with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, to implement school food best practices and develop eligibility criteria for California-grown, whole and minimally processed, sustainably grown foods, and plant-based or restricted diet food options that can be purchased by local educational agencies for school meals,
  4. $611.8 million provided on an ongoing basis for enhanced school meal reimbursements through the state meal program,
  5. $60 million in funding to expand the California Farm to School Grant program,
  6. $45 million to support implementation of the California Healthy School Meals Pathway program for school food service workers, and
  7. $2.4 million for evaluation of the California School Meals for All program.

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